Monday, December 6, 2010

My first Blog Review....

SO I held my breath today as I left the post office and sent off good wishes to my very first Blog review.
Ashley over at Little Miss Mama graciously accepted my offer and she's getting one of my diaper bags....
If you have never stopped by her blog it is truly adorable and you should check it out.
I think the way the internet has two mamas communicating from across the United States who have never once met each other and just appreciate what the other is putting out there in the world is JUST SO COOL.
I made a note to self that I shouldn't listen to the man at the post office just because he was a sweet old man like Santa, and I felt obligated to.  I so hope it doesn't arrive all scrunched! 
{He talked me out of my box and had me mail it in a big envelope!}
Ok, you precious envelope...bring me luck.....

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