Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas and Zombies???

You know that feeling you get when your hubby gets on board with you?
It goes from a skeptical acceptance to "Woah honey! You can rock this!"
Somewhere in the past couple of weeks, I brought him over to the other side. I think it was my Laptop bag that finally pushed him over the edge. He wants a manly one. He was excited for me, and that melts a wife's heart.
IN the mist of this, he suggested something to me. ZOMBIES. Yep, zombies. He and my son have a thing for them. "You should do zombies," he said.
Really? But they are bloody, and gross, and creepy, and well, DEAD.
"Not your zombies. Do them like you. In your style....and then make a laptop bag with one on it....just try it."
Well, needless to say I had to draw up some zombies.
That is what I did this weekend. We got our tree. We decorated the house. And I drew Zombies.
What do you think...Can I pull them off? A new aubreyplays line? He just might be onto something.

*on another note, I just can not believe my son is just about as tall as his mama in this years holiday card. Where does time go? I remember him once feeling very shy on Santa's lap! {sigh}

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