Sunday, November 14, 2010


Don't let her cute pleats and feminine curves fool you.
This girl is a work horse. Sturdy, strong, full of room and tons of attitude.
Product: thePURSE
Line: theRANDOM
Color: pewter demask and daffodille

This feminine purse is not too big, not to small, she's just right. Snap closure. Inside pocket.
This purse can say what ever you want. I like the idea of my purse, that follows me around all day giving me a wink. Saying something cheeky. Smiling at me through tantrums and days at the park. What will yours say?

Need a diaper bag? Maybe yours should say
This purse makes a chic diaper bag too. Add the matching diaper pouch and changing pad, and you are just like a girl scout. Totally prepared. (don't forget the wipes!)
Purse with DIAPER BAG SET $55

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