Thursday, May 20, 2010

impromptu pictures of a pressed fairy...

SO I have said it more than once, without humor you would never survive life. Children or marriage.
We were headed out to the library the other day and Chloe asked if she could wear her wings out. Of course, I said. Why not? As usual, she was outside waiting for me as I gathered up the books to return. And this is how I found her.

I told her not to move and grabbed a step stool so I could capture her from above.
As I took the pictures we both started giggling.
"look what I found outside this morning. I do hear fairies are on the rise these days," I said giggling.
We both said it at the same time, this is just like that pressed fairy book!

If you have never seen "Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book" it is really truly funny.
I have it in my library case along with Lady Cottington's Fairy Album.
Humor. Without it I'd never survive.

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