Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief

I have been amiss.  I am finding my way.  Not to say I am not feeling very satisfied by how this home schooling thing is going.  I am very satisfied. I am really proud of our progress and our almost routine.   It is awesome.  I am without a doubt SURE that this is what is best for our kids.  I am trying to figure out when and how I want to add my 5th grader to the mix.  A day with him at home this week, I will admit scared the begeessiees outta me.

BUT, I need to find my way in being other than that again too.
I am other than a home school mom.  I need to be creative for me too.  
I need to let go of what is in front of me at times and move on.

That being said, here is an epiphany I had last night. (about school again of course.   Oh well.)
I may have been living under a rock but did you know that the Percy Jackson series is all about greek gods???
We started a unit on Greek mythology this week and I happened to be doing my usual online search for activity ideas, lapbooks, or fun sheets.  I wanted to make this unit fun because honestly one of my favorite studies I can remember is Greek mythology (and constellations). Anyway- I came across this bit of information, and my kids were just asking to watch that movie!  
I have to say I am pretty excited in incorporating this into our lessons through the end of the year.  I think my kids will really enjoy it!  And I will too.

There is LOTS out there!!
Here is a link that has most of it all in one site:
I downloaded the 90+ page teachers guide last night.  It is a pdf file and I plan on breaking it up and using the bits that work the best with our mythology handbook that we are using.
I found a little bit of stuff on Pagoo too: here
This "handbook" is adorable, interesting and FUN!  Written from a Momma to her children as she is off in Greece studying Greece and mythology.

I may incorporate the actual books too, because the teachers guide helps touch on creative writing and reading comprehension as well.  

Anyway- those were my recent thoughts. Hope to be on here again soon with pure PLAY.

on a funny note...they finally did watch the movie last night and were squealing with delight at the characters (gods) they have already studied.  They loved it and I have most certainly lit a flame.  I have been requested to paint a mural of the 12 olympians on a bedroom wall (tho, I don't think I will be going that far. LOL.)
But this is what I found on my mud room door this morning with groggy eyes.  Hmm, I am teaching them this?

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  1. yes!! isn't percy jackson AWESOME?? and really what a fantastic way to learn about mythology. was always my favorite in school and i was amazed with how much i actually remembered while reading the pj series (in 4 days!!). the books are awesome. and why have i not blogged about it?? hmmm.. :) thanks for visiting my blog!!


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