Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A couple of random thoughts on Saint Patty's day

Saint Patrick as a child was carried off in 385 by irish raiders who turned him into a slave.  He fled later and returned home to become a priest.  He spent his later life spreading christianity in the places that he once had been a slave.  According to legend he lived past 100 years of age.

I usually try to see my Grandma on St. Patrick's day.  I know she loves it.  Her little sayings and quirky ways make me think that she is truly an irish woman.  (Although I think she surprised me last year by telling me she is not...but I won't believe a word of it.) She told me to drink some green beer.  
It didn't happen today.  I missed her, and tho she will never see this...I saw a little saying tonight that I know she would like:
"Bless your little irish heart -
and all your little irish parts."
I was car-less and at home with the girls doing the school thing.  I had to call her instead.  She couldn't hear much of what I was saying so it was a silly conversation.
It has been a crazy week and I feel like tomorrow should be Friday.
Maybe tomorrow I will feel differently.
We made these little pins today (above) for them to wear. Actually I got kind of lazy and they ended up way less elaborate than I once planned.  I didn't have any light green felt to use anyway. Oh well.  They didn't know, and still liked them.  This week is calmer, and the weather has been glorious!  I need to relax a little.  Try to find a little more time for the things I like to do.  Stop Obsessing.
I was proud of my girl today when she told me she had written an essay on Saint Patrick.  You know, the real guy.  Not the holiday.  Without any prodding.  And it was excellent!  A nice break actually, I learned something without even teaching it!  
Those are my random thoughts today.  
I hope yours was pleasant and even if you are not irish, enjoyed a bit of it today.

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