Tuesday, March 2, 2010

imperfect moments...

be at play; be engaged in playful activity; amuse oneself in a way characteristic of children. 

Fact: I am sneaking in some mommy play to relax my mind. and DE-stress
Fact: I have downed 2 iced lattes in the process
Fact: as I play, I am secretly hoping that
 A) no potty accidents happen that will require a bath or a washing machine.
 B) I will not have to pay for these precious moments of play later in way of cleaning                                                           
Fact: I have not played as much as I would have liked to lately.

A couple of thoughts today:

I never had a sister and am completely fascinated by the way my daughters interact with each other.
At one moment they are completely inseparable, giddy, and sweet.  
At another they are going to kill each other 
(by way of high pitched squeals)
Yet at heart, neither one really wants to be hurtful to the other.
Neat. Isn't that how women are in general?  

So, I got a couple of mediocre photos today:

Funny thing. I ended up really liking both of them.
I played for only a few minutes with my 365 picture today of a balloon that we made stick to the wall with static electricity.  I choose the "florescent chalk" effect in Adobe to reflect the invisible static one might see in the air. It turned out sort of scientific don't you think?  I was happy anyway and isn't that the point of play? to amuse yourself? I was amused. 

SISTERS "Nose-kissing"
I once read that SOMETIMES it really doesn't matter what the quality of the picture is.  It is what it invokes in you.  I had one chance to catch these two giving "nose kisses."
They were immediately off to the next thing.  There was no going back.  But even though it is blurry and not very good quality.  I love the MOMENT it brings back to me.  
Do you have any pictures like that? Show them to me.  I will love them with you.

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  1. such a great moment...so happy that you are capturing this.


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