Friday, March 5, 2010

Another Friday...

I taught her to cross stitch this week.  I remember my grandma doing that with me.  I was actually excited about it.  It is for her "handicraft."  She's making a bookmark. :-)

Ok, so here's the deal.  We've made it to another Friday and I do have more spots to share.
AND overall it was another good week of home school.   I had a couple of moments this week where I asked myself,  "what have I done?"  and "can I really do this?"  The truth is, in those moments I had a three year old who has just entered the "terrible two's" wreaking havoc.  So this is what I've learned:

If we are having a day or a moment where the 3 year old is making the ability to focus impossible.  Then take a break, give something that can be done alone, and come back to the lesson tomorrow (or later).
Even though I have made a schedule for the week, I can skip to the next day if that helps, and vice-versa.
Of course during the moments this didn't occur to me and I felt really frustrated.  But I am learning how to do this too right?

And.  I had to tell my daughter that when I am teacher, I am not mom.  Do not interrupt me, or argue with me.  Do not do to me what you would not do to your teacher.

So any bits of advice on these things....I'll take them!

But here are the cool spots I've discovered this week:

This is a cool site that has Radio shows about different composers.  They are really cute and fun to listen to. It also has back archives of the worksheet lessons for that particular show, for each composer.

Another site that has a chart with lessons and pictures for famous composers:

SO she is learning her multiplication tables and truly not digging it.  I found this site that has games .  A couple of the games you can tell which factors to use.  And the penguin ice cream game she got to decorate the penguins room more and more as she got through each level.  Made learning math more fun this week.math games

And Lastly I am going to put this one up.  We are studying Marco Polo for geography and this site is good because it has several weeks of lessons following his journey and at the end of each lesson a GREAT idea for a project.  1st week she was a travel agent and had to make a travel brochure.  This week she had to pretend she was Marco and design a post card she picked up in Peru to mail home.  And to describe her journey so far.  She has had fun with the little projects.

This website is a little confusing following the lessons though.  So I might just use it for the clever ideas at the end of each lesson, and use the chapters in a book I picked up called Who was Marco Polo? 

I haven't looked through the entire site, but Edsitement seems to have MANY lessons on here for MANY subjects: Edsitement

There your go!
Hope your journey this week was easier than mine!


  1. You go girl! Homeschooling with unreasonable little people can be a challenge. I'm glad you're finding your way.

    I wish I had some insight for you - but I don't. Just some encouragement. You're doing great stuff!!!


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