Sunday, February 7, 2010

Where have I been- My mind is all a flutter...

I have been a busy momma.  A happy girl.  A avid 365er.  I have been hit with so so much I want to do this year.  My baby girl turned 3 yesterday.  I tried not to be too sad.  I am so proud of that little thing.  I am borrowing these prompts to get me going on here again:
Outside my is piles and piles of glorious snow.  The sun is out and it is just plain GOOD. I feel like a kid when they called for a snow day.  Believe it or not I am quite happy to be snowed in with my little family
I am thinking...that I may homeschool.  Crazy thought?  I think it may be the best decision I've made lately...but I have to trust my instincts and quit feeling inadequate up in that brain of mine.

I am thankful for... my little family.  My home.  My animals.  My friends.  Life today is really really good.

From the kitchen...I am about to whip of a batch of my famous chocolate chip cookies.  I will never pass up a request, especially if my hubby comes home with the ingredients. Hint?

I am wearing...cotton yoga pants, cotton tank, cotton hoodie (it's from mid-evil times and says "WENCH" on it. Comfy.
I am owl, a couple of pages, a ABC book, and a folder full of ideas I have for the year.

I am going... to go play out in the snow as soon as my peanut wakes from her nap.  I think we are going to build a "snow queen."

I am reading...Life is a Verb and 52 More Scrapbooking Challenges.  I want to find another trilogy I can sink my teeth into...

I am hoping...that THIS year is going to be a good year.

I am husbands video game in the background.  I also hear the kids outside playing in the snow.

Around the evidence of a family snowed in over the weekend.  It is messy. The aroma from the super bowl wings that are being marinated.  The dryer is of my very favorite smells.

One of my favorite, a fire and a few minutes to sit with my thoughts, or linger over a project.

A few plans for the rest of the week...get out to the store for some dog food before it snows again...Try to make "snow ice cream" with the next snow fall.  DECIDE about homeschooling.
A picture to share...she's 3 now.  In her own little 3 year old world of sweetness.
and lastly, music I am playing on my ipod today:  Corinne Bailey Rae.  Loving her.

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  1. sounds like all is good...that makes me happy! stay warm in this cold snowy weather.


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