Tuesday, February 9, 2010

confessions of a 365er

* i {heart} my new Nikon.  
But I {heart} my new camera bag almost just as much.

*sometimes I take only a picture a day, sometimes I take many and have to choose just one

*everything I see is a fantastic photo in my mind

* I have a notebook full of photo shoot ideas for the days I am a little stumped

*if I don't like what anything I get, I take it as an opportunity to learn something new in photoshop

* I am looking at my 365 as a daily expression, not every picture is going to be incredible, but I can alter it to express what I am feeling

* I look at the project as a whole.  As if it will be a book to flip through in the end, and I consciously try to mix it up.  Not too many people, not too many objects, not all black and white, not all horizontal....but you know sometimes you just get what you get.

*I am driving my family crazy maybe a little.

* I used to think that morning was the best time to snap pictures-
but am falling in love with the glow that a 4-5pm photo create
...what is that called???

* I'd like to take a photo field trip on the next pretty day we get.

* I am learning about my camera, I am learning about composition, I am learning about myself.

*sometimes I want to save a photo for the next day....

**I dream in pictures :-)

Here are some that have recently not made the cut:

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