Thursday, September 3, 2009

WHY are you FOLLOWING me???

Okay enough with the pouting.  My camera and trusty side kick died several months ago. Being the perfectionist I am, I have  refused to buy just any replacement. I have been saving and saving. Maybe someday I'll get that Nikon my heart longs for???   Well, fine. I will admit it.  I have been in a funk. I gave up on my 365.  I stopped blogging. Well, because... what IS a blog about playing if I don't have the beautiful photos to PLAY with?

I have completely lost a part of myself. 
Today I said: suck it up. 
Use your camera phone. 
Catch what you can. 
Create whatever comes with it.
Perfection is not necessary. 
Capturing your life is! 
AND just look at this little gift I was given. 

1 comment:

  1. Nikon?! What is wrong with you?!

    Wanna borrow my Canon Rebel XT until you get what you actually want?


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