Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm Lost with out you, camera

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth....but my camera has.

This is my camera.  I have loved it and cared for it for almost 9 years now.  Over the years we have had some great times together.  It has given me some awesome pictures.  Over the past year my camera has been with me on a daily basis.  It has become my playmate. Unfortunately my camera has Alzheimer’s.  I am sadly realizing this, and accepting it is on it's last leg.  I am lost without it.  I am sorely loosing out on my 365 in this past month.  Oh Camera.......


  1. Glad to know YOU're still around even if your camera is dying. Might I suggest a Rebel? I'm just sayin'. Easy as pie to use and get some killer results. You can pick up an older model for pretty cheap too.

  2. Yep...would love one of those...Will have to keep checking the "cookie jar."
    Am sooooo sad without my camera!


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