Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Everyday Layout

Here is the result of the "MY EVERYDAY" photos.
Remember those boring photos I posted the last week of October??
I have to say it is one of my very favorites.  Maybe because it is so functional in it's design.
I played with 3 new things for this, besides the everyday photo game itself.
*I printed out the photos myself and did the layout right away
{instead of my usual wait for snapfish photos to arrive, and wait until I am chronologically there in my album}
This was very freeing.  I liked it!
*I used the page pattern that I posted a couple posts ago
* I numbered my photos to the journaling

What's going on here:
They were calling for snow here this morning, but it decided not to show.
Lily is still running around in her Pj's as I type this....which has been a trend now that it has gotten colder.  She stays in them until we actually are going out for the day.  
We have been using our fireplace again....IT is WONDERFUL!!
STILL waiting for a nice day to shoot my "Great Greeting"   Come back sun!!!

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