Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Great Greeting Out Takes

And she's Going...Going...GONE!!!

Ok, so if you're on my greeting card list watch out for a super spoiler here!!! Although this is only the out takes.  The final product (which was the first lie!) isn't posted here.  
I used my Cricket to cut out these letters on thin cardboard.  Double the bang here, cause I think they might look cute hanging on my front door this year.
This Great Greeting thing got me way early this year!  Hmmm, Christmas cards done before Christmas?

Oddly enough, the day of sun I had been waiting for to take my Great Greeting was yesterday, and even though you can't see it; it did finally start snowing!  I told them to open their mouths and catch the snow.  MEAN MOMMY.  I promise we were out there for less than 5 minutes, because as you can see.....
I took only 5 pictures, because that was all I could.
Even the best laid plans.....they can go terribly wrong! And I had to jump off my ladder and go in.
Fine. Fine. Torture for you. Can't mom have just a little fun?

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