Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bits of Inspiration

1 + 1 doesn't always =2

Especially when getting bits of inspiration.
I started out this whole BLOG venture with mention to Ali Edwards, which I think was actually the first blog I ever started looking at...and then following. She has put a bee in my bonnet...and for that she rocks! I especially love that she looks at herself as a life artist. The everyday. It makes me feel like I can play and have fun taking pictures of everyday things like baby's feet or coffee machines too.
So some inspirations of late: I have been following her
week in the life of project. I was really interested by the concept and think it might be a cool thing to do once or twice a year. I didn't play along at the time, but because I have been carrying my camera around more, I may have taken at least a picture a day recently. The formula she has done for her finished product would work for a 2 page layout of just 1 week if I could pick just 1 or 2 pictures from a day. I don't think I would do a whole mini album, but definitely think it would be a couple cool pages for the yearly albums I currently do. And an interesting thing to do yearly to see how much a week in the life..may or may not change. Inspired to try it.

So in the earlier part of the week, she invited a guest post from
Tracey Clark Which had a picture I instantly wanted to try to take of my lab Max. So classic. You can see my results today. I am so HAPPY....And it only took me less than 10 minutes!! {It also inspired me to fool around with the blur tool in iphoto...on Max's feet...very cool}

From Tracey's blog I went to a Blog for
Shutter Sisters. There I found the COOLEST picture and was facinated by how it was taken. The photograph was taken by using one camera to take a picture of an image in an old camera's view finder. REALLY cool...the "Seeing is everything photo" is the one that I am mentioning and you should check it out. Definitely inspired to try that soon too.

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