Wednesday, August 28, 2013

patching jeans

I don't know about you, but I think a good pair of jeans is a good pair of jeans...even if they are starting to look a little hole-y.
But at some point, the point when in the dark you accidentally put your leg through one of the holes, well, maybe it's time to re-evaluate...Or get creative...It's a good pair of jeans we're talking about here! you've got to save them. wear them to the very bitter last thread end. 
Enter this tutorial:  let me tell you "how I patched my jeans" 
1. trim off all the extra torn threads. They'll just be in the way once you start patching.
2. pick up some heatNbond
yep, get a whole roll at Walmart. this stuff is awesome. You will use it if you're crafty.
 If you don't believe me you can buy it cut at your fabric store too and only get enough for your patches.
Also pick out some fabric to use as your patch. I used a white cotton that has lace pre-sewn on. I have also used flannel plaid which turned out super punky too.
3. cut a piece of the heatNbond to completely cover your hole. leave about 1/2 inch overlap all the way around (that is the part that is going to stick your patch to your jeans.
4. lay your heatNbond piece that you just cut over your hole and use a pencil to mark where the actual hole is leaving and even frame on the outside. Cut out the area you just marked. you should have a piece that looks sort of like a frame. 

5. lay the heatNbond paper side up on the RIGHT side of your patch fabric, and iron in place
6. cut out your fabric so that it is the same size as the heatNbond paper
7. turn your jeans inside out. Peel off the heatNbond paper. Put in place on your jeans trying to get the "frame" evenly distributed to the inside of your jean leg.
(it is even if there is overlap peeking out to the world. No big.)
8. turn your jeans right side out. pause to do a little happy dance , cause wow. you might have bought them this way to start with!

9. Now you can do a few things...
you can just trust that heatNbond and move along. (instructions say it will stay even with washing...but I have never believed them or tried that.

You can do what I did which I am not going to lie, is the least fun part:
you can thread your jean leg up onto the arm of your sewing machine and slowly and carefully stitch in place. I use the zig-zag stitch to do this.

Or you can sew your patch by hand. It would be fun to even do some cute embroidery stitches?
That's it.
Now go rock them.

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