Wednesday, July 25, 2012

sometimes you've gotta swim with the ducks..

Last week I had a moment of feeling sort of overwhelmed.
This is usually sort of my own fault.
I say yes to too much, because I really do want to be able to do it all.
This night, it was close to bed time.
The monsters were all being mean to each other.
They were sort of being mean to me too.
I ended up crying and telling them, that when they are mean to each other they make me feel like I am doing it wrong as a mom. That I am doing an awful job.
I told them I put my entire being into each of them, and if they can not take a minute to think about the way they treat each other, then I suck as a mom.
If I can't raise children that are kind to one another, then, I am doing it all wrong!
I told them I was going to take a bath and that when I got out I wanted them ready for bed.
I felt really, really bad for my melt down when I was in the bath.
I always get them ready for bed and I hardly ever melt down like that in front of them.
so, I have these ducks that sit at the foot of my bathtub. Meant for the littles.
I sat there and wondered why I never throw them in the bath while I am in there. 
They are sort of entertaining you know? the way they flip and bob in the bubbles.
So I did. Why not?
The silliness of this moment of me in my bathtub playing with rubber ducks made me forget why I was so stressed out in the first place. 
When I was done, I went to check on the kids who were playing and being kind.
Maybe them seeing mom melt down helped them think a little bit harder this time?
Everything was well with the world again.
And all I did, was decide to do something silly and "swim with the ducks."
It got me thinking, I need to remember to smell the roses.
TO slide down the slide at the park.
To swing.
I hope you remember to sometimes swim with the ducks too.

{p.s. the photos are in fact a re-enactment that I snapped this morning while the Bean was in the bath. Same bathtub, same ducks. But, nope I do not take my camera into the bathroom with me!}

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  1. Love this post, mama. And I totally take my camera into the bathroom ... well, more like my iPhone ... because if N decided to FINALLY go pee pee on the potty one of these days, I better get photographic evidence! ;)


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