Thursday, July 12, 2012


This is where we have spent most our days lately. This photo is from about 1945 though.. 
The marquee is gone now. I hope they put it back someday...
It's an amazing theater that has stolen my heart.
lately I have been that stage mom who is back stage working away in the green room trying my best to make sure all the Winkies have fur leggings and hats.  That the Monkeys all have their bell hop hats and that Galinda, the beautiful Witch has a dress that puts all others to shame and the three trees have dresses that make them look just plain magical.
I am a quiet stage mom, and don't say much, and in turn I have had lots of teenagers come to me to chat.
I love these kids. Their spirit. Their true blue "theater" quirky personalities.
Their REALNESS. They are amazing.
Cupcake toppers... a new line I have been playing with...
lately I have been really non-committal with my shop.
I have had a bunch of things in the works and I've just not been following through.
I wonder what is up with that?
Lately, I have been pushing my shop more towards me. Different items featuring my drawings and custom fabrics...So everything ties more together...everything is more unique.
I think I'm just scared that maybe things will come to a standstill, and it will be because of well, me.

Lately I have been hiding from people.
I feel like my fragile has been showing too much.
I'm tired of being politically correct all the time.
I wish I could tell some people that Karma is real.

Lately, I've been dreaming of moving somewhere that never gets hot.
Or of buying some sort of floating island and finding a lake to live on.
The second option shows me much more sun kissed. 

Lately, I have found that a $1 piggy bank and my jar of change can provide hours of enjoyment for a five year old.
But, if she heard me say that she'd yell at me and say she's FOUR!
She is going to outgrow that eventually,

That's what I've been up to lately.
How about you?


  1. I hear what you mean about Karma and feeling vulnerable. I've been cycling a relationship for a long time that keeps bringing me and mine the same results...each time I hope for different but you can't change people.
    You can't change their personalities or their heads.
    Karma has been showing me in 10,000 ways this week to not give what I don't want to get back. If I get mad, yell, freak will come back to me. I have been learning to step back, be calm and identify a problem before addressing it ( which is tough because I'm very reactionary! ) and wait. Be calm. Be still. If someone wants to hurt me, they will. I have the choice as to what my actions will be...I can't help theirs.
    LOL....ok...I'm going off on a tangent!
    I hope that you know that you are very, very talented and your work is extraordinary. The special thing about your shop is that it's!

  2. MAMA. The cake topper & the necklaces are FABULOUS. I love the direction your shop is headed in and you know what? It's YOUR shop & YOUR shop ... do what you want with both of 'em! I love your uniqueness and individuality. :)

    1. Oops! YOUR blog and YOUR shop, is what I meant to say. ;)

  3. You have no idea how much I relate to this post. SO.MUCH. I'm actually working on a blog post about having a struggle with how much to share of my heart. And politically correct, that's always something I have had a hard time with - if I say this will it offend this person? If I say this, with I offend this other person?
    And my shop, my heart is having such a hard time with it. I enjoy the shop, I enjoy my products but sales coming in is what I'm struggling with, and it's tiring.

    I am loving the direction you are taking in your shop - super adorable stuff, seriously. :) Don't let YOU hold YOU back! You are fabulous!!


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