Friday, May 11, 2012

feel good Friday: date me printable

Hi Gang.

I have made another printable for you.

A little date keeps you going no?

{you can copy this to your desktop and then print it out}
the size is 8.5 x 11
after you print it out. cut the straight lines on the bottom to make it easy to date. ;)

I have spent the week covered in gout, and spackle and paint...One of my favorite things to have in my hair you know, but thinking back, mama wasn't looking too sexy this week. SO let's jump start this thing and put up a little tease on the wall to get the idea in that guys head! 

A few notes on the dates...
I've been married for almost 18 years now, and it's fun to keep them guessing.
No babe, you have not figured me out yet ;)
These are just ideas that popped into my head.
You can translate how ever you want.
1. Sometimes, we get all frugal romantic, and put the kids to bed and then do these dates at home.
Sometimes we pick a theme for dinner.
{my husband is an incredible cook, so if he's cooking it's going to be good}
He's in charge of dinner. I'm in charge of desert.
2. I want to do this. enough said.  

3. Nerf gun war....
We've had the occasional Nerf gun war since we were teenagers.
I won't lie. Sometimes they randomly happen.
It's a take no prisoners out for blood sort of affair.
Sometimes I cry.
I saw this "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" idea and it totally takes it up a notch.
So, there you go.
This girl actually has a sitter tonight.
woot. woot.
Happy date night.
Let me know if it works out ;)


  1. I LOVE these posts every week! Last week it started lots of fun conversation at the office. This week I hope to spoil HB with a nerd gun :)

    1. yay! I am having fun with them too!
      It's fun to hear it started conversations {insert smile and happy sigh} too!!
      Yes, too fun. I think I may be investing in a new set of nerf guns soon too ;)

  2. ooooh these are so much fun!! we are terrible at date nights. any night we have off and together we usually just crash on the couch and do NOTHING. :( i might have to put a date night into effect!! xoxo

  3. Boom chicka wow wow! You do date nights up right!


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