Tuesday, April 3, 2012

a little painting

a little peek at the aubreyplays studio ;)
I have to admit, there is not much that can bring me to my center and make me, me
quicker than my paints.
If you have been along this ride with me for long, you know that I am an artist.
A retired muralist, and I have had some emails recently asking to see some of my stuff.
I felt especially lucky when I got a conversation last week from a customer asking me if I would be willing to paint one of my owls for her.
It is easy to forget to take the time to do the things we especially love...
Doing this instantly made me feel calm and happy. It reminded me that
I have had plans to build some wooden block canvas pieces to add some fun paintings to the shop.
The blocks will make the paintings a little more than just a painting.
But I just haven't done it yet.
I am sort of a perfectionist when it comes to my "vision" and I had been thinking 
flat canvas just wouldn't do.
But, maybe some would like that option, so they could frame the artwork as they wish to.
What ever the case, I hope this year to do more painting.
It makes me feel like a little kid. 
I have said before, sometimes, with all the encouragement they get, little kids believe they can do anything. And feeling like that, well, it is good for anyone's soul.
what makes you feel happy like a little kid?


  1. That's my owl :) YAH!! Can't wait to hang it on my wall!! Glad it made you happy making it Aubrey!!!

  2. Aubrey, that hootie is too cute! I love it! What makes me feel happy like a little kid? When a favorite song comes on and I can do a little dance, when my hubby and I have a nerf war, when I can jump on the bed, and whenever I experience something new and exciting! "Happy as a Kid" is something like to be as often as possible!

  3. I know what you mean. Last night I was looking at a painting that I did a few years ago and my husband asked me, " Why don't you paint any more? ". I seriously couldn't give him a reason.
    Thanks for the kick in the pants!


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