Wednesday, April 18, 2012

learn with bravery and fail with enthusiasm

Take notes when you learn something new. Even if it feels silly, you can go back and remember which tiny mistakes you will do better next time.
Winston Churchill once said:
Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.
Sometimes the things we learn, we learn because of failures.
Though, failures is kind of a GRAND word.
Sometimes they aren't failures at all, they are just tiny mistakes that you can learn from and do better next time.
But, sometimes, we get so paralyzed at the thought of failure, we don't even try.
Just typing that sentence made me feel sad.
Don't even try? No. You must!
You have to at least try.
Learning to me is nourishment.
It's like caffeine for the bored soul.
On this chilly, rainy morning
{my most favorite kind of morning, I wont lie}
I had a list of things to do.....
but my mind was elsewhere.
I've had this idea in my mind but I keep putting it off.  This morning I thought to myself, if I keep putting off the things I want to do, just to do the things I need to do I might get banished from Neverland forever....yes sometimes I use fairy tales as synonyms. Isn't it more fun that way?
In other words, the lost boys will think of me only as a grown up, they won't let me play ever anymore!
Part of the reason I have been putting it off, is because it is something that I needed to learn.
I have been eyeing these boxy make up pouches, loving their little shape.
Other than the cats tail beating against the window under the bird feeder {meeeeow} it was a quiet house this morning and I went for it.
I pinned a couple bits of inspiration to get me started and picked out the fabrics that I would most like, because chances are it wouldn't be perfect...
But that just meant it would be perfectly mine ;)
and guess what? I learned it!
Learning is so fun.
I learned what to do better next time...
this is the bottom of the bag...ooops. That heart wasn't supposed to end up there!
I learned that sometimes a little learning is just the jolt of caffeine I need to jump start the lull I might be in.
My failures, I am enthusiastic about...
because I'll do better next time.
Now, go get some caffeine for yourself silly!


  1. I love this. And I love the heart on the bottom of the bag that makes it perfectly yours!

  2. Aubrey- you have made me SMILE! :) Yes, it is more fun to use fairy tales as synonyms. And I absolutely love your playful box pouch- it is so perfectly YOU.

    1. oh I am so glad I made you smile...maybe the lost boys will let me continue to play after all!
      Thanks for your sweetness.

  3. learning something new is the cream in my coffee! :) i love to learn so much that i have to reign it in sometimes. i tend to get ahead of myself. ;)

    1. I know what you mean.
      I have a list a mile long!!
      But on the plus side I might get up at age 90 and still learn something new ;)

  4. Replies
    1. well, thank you.
      Your comment made me feel delightful too.

  5. umm I LOVE this pouch and love that you referenced Neverland and the lost boys. I heart you. I seriously need to go make me one of these stat!

  6. thanks chick.
    Yes, you seriously do.
    It makes me too happy.

  7. you rock! keep playing! :)


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