Friday, January 13, 2012

write more love notes.

Seriously. It's become an anthem for 2012.
so, you know how some people choose a word each year?
I guess I have an anthem.
I didn't even choose it.
Or, ask for for it for that matter.
It just has been repeating in my head over and over.

feeling sad?
write more love notes...
Miss your grandma?
write more love notes...
Think your friend is a rock star?
write more love notes...
Bicker with the man?
write more love notes...
You feel proud of your kids?
write more love notes...
Just avoided a car accident?
write more love notes...
See where it's coming from?
I must be crazy.
Or I must seriously need more love notes in my life.
okay, so I know that we are hardly into 2012 yet- 
But this chick has been quiet and listening to where I am supposed to go this year.
And so far this year this is where write more love notes has taken me:

*I have designed a line of fabric featuring a charcoal grey background with red hearts throwing paper airplanes. 
{I have plans for messengers, notebooks and skirts or dresses with this}

* I have designed two different sets of cards to send love notes on.
{I am adding them to the shop this weekend. They will come in a sweet little fabric envelope}

And it's still playing in my head.
write more love notes...
geesh, at this point I am thinking I should rename my shop that!

so tell you what.
go write a love note this weekend.


  1. you are SO talented =) love the cards!!
    I'll write more love notes for sure, thanks for sharing!!


It's fun to get love notes: