Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I {heart} modcloth

even their boxes are cute!!
Have you heard of Modcloth?
Oh wow. When I first heard of them, I browsed their shop for hours.
They have SO MUCH STUFF that especially when it comes to dresses, there's tons to drool over.
Quirky, vintage, mod.
BUT, you know how when you see a spot like that and you see their skinny little models, you can't help but wonder if that adorable dress would actually work in real life?

Ok, so my guy earned some MEGA points over Christmas.
I would have never guessed he even knew about modcloth.
He totally and completely surprised me when he picked out not one, but THREE things from there to give me for Christmas. Like jaw dropped, floored surprise.
{Oh, and a pair of really cute socks too.}
I think he must have somehow been doing his homework.
But on this, no hints were even dropped.
SO, I being the big dork that I am, even took a picture of the box before I threw it out.
I am a completely real mama. And felt so special when I tried on my dresses.
He did a good job picking them out.
SO shall we take a look at these lovlies?
#1 this is my favorite of the three.
It is absolutely gorgeous. The little details are so feminine. 
The yarn is sooooo soft.
It is very flattering for this curvy gal.
BUT, unfortunately it is also SOOO short.
And dudes, I AM SHORT.
Even Barbie might consider this one short?
So, I have not worn it yet.
BUT,because I love it so much I am going to either
a} find/make a slip to lengthen it
b} buy a pair of knit leggings. 
{maybe it will still look like I am wearing tights? And maybe that is a good or bad thing?}
I am open to suggestions here!!
#2 do you see that lacy detail around the neck? 
It is absolute prettiness.
truth: If you've got a decent set of girls you need to be careful about wearing a less pushed up bra 
or they might peek out and say hi up there, but with that all taken care of, 
it's really a nice detail to the dress.
The fabric is a nice floaty-yet sturdy weight to wear everyday.
SO far I have worn it with tights, brown boots and a sweater.
But, it is also going to be really cute this summer all on it's own.
And on this dress, the length is PERFECT.
Once again I'm open to suggestions! how would you pair it?
and last?
#3 VavavaVOOM.
This one takes no prisoners. 
When I put it on, I think the Black Eyed Peas just might be singing about my humps.
The texture is really cool, and so it doesn't lay completely flat on me.
The band is really actually flattering too.
I think this dress requires a date night, so I haven't worn it yet either.
I plan on wearing it with a pair of black tights and tall black boots.
The length isn't too short, but definitely well above the knee.
If this mama can pull it off though, most mamas could too.

SO, Modcloth I am pleasantly surprised.
These are really special dresses.
I will however, be keeping my eyes peeled at the lengths of your dresses
 if I am able to come back for more.
But that's okay, if I go in knowing that I might have to pair a dress with a pair of
 leggings or skinny jeans I think they still work.

so, maybe someday you'll see them on me.
But not today.
I just had to tell you though.

oh and ps. I am over here today ;)


  1. Drooling over modcloth is one of my favorite things to do online. Love the box. The dresses are gorgeous! Does he follow you on pinterest? ;)

  2. ohhhhh wowzers your hubby just got some major cool points!! i love them!

    ps - i really wanted to see a picture of the socks. just sayin.

  3. I LOVE modcloth! I used to spend way too much time pining over the site. I got a pair of boots last year, for my birthday, and I'm still completely in love with them! The hubs did good, all are very special dresses. :)

  4. I love Modcloth! I bought all my Christmas gifts from them this year besides my usually pajamas from Victoria's Secret! I have yet to buy anything for myself but I do LOVE their dresses!

    And I must say your husband has a wonderful eye! Those dresses are gorgeous!

  5. Bah! Even if that 1st one is short I bet it would look amazing with skinny jeans. Yes? Yes.
    I mean...those are all just lovely. Your man is good people.


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