Thursday, December 8, 2011

Guest Post: Meet Liz from Behind the Scenes

Hey friends! I'm Liz & I blog over at Behind the Scenes.
I am so excited to be posting here about what inspires me to play!

That's what I want my life to be like. I want others to instantly get happy when they see me.
Sadly, I'm human and that doesn't always happen. I'm not always cheerful and giggly. 

Those are times when I seek...

My incredibly funny husband. Seriously, he is the funniest and goofiest man I know. He is continuously making me laugh and smile. Even when he makes me angry, I end up smiling. 

My silly sister. She is beautiful & smart & kind. She isn't afraid to make a fool of herself to provide laughs for someone else. 

My little, little sister. I can not even explain how hysterical this one is. She has me laughing a good portion of the time I'm around her, the other portion is spent telling her to be good. But that's besides the point!

I mean look at them! What's not to laugh? Or be encouraged to play?

When life gets too intense, I turn to these three. 
They usually know exactly how to take some seriousness out of my day. 

Just because we are adults now, doesn't mean we can't seek some kiddos and play until our hearts burst with giggles & smiles! 
So go ahead. Find a child (of course one you know & you have informed the parents!) & let go of all your worries. Play dress up. Or Tonka trucks. Or go to the playground. 
Do something. Anything
Just as long as you end up laughing until your side hurts.
That's what it means to play.


  1. Every adult deserves the chance to play every once in a while! it is important! lucky that you have someone who can always make you laugh, and then two more "backup" someones just in case :)

  2. Play! That's our motto in my house!
    I'm so happy to read such a funny and uplifting post today. Thank you, girls!


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