Thursday, November 17, 2011

my new favorite lipstick. just because

is it because I can't get my self timer to take a picture of my new favorite ear rings?
well, maybe.
BUT, I have never done a post about lipstick so the fact that I am is saying something.
I have a love hate relationship with lipstick.
I love big pouty lips.
But I really hate the way most lipsticks feel.
glue (as in um, hi, you have lipstick on your teeth..)
Plus, I am a mom so I yell talk a lot which means it's gone as soon as you apply it.
enter JUST bitten.
Yeah, so what if I bought it just because of the name.
I liked it's vamperish vibe.
Total score, because I really love it.
So here's the thing. It is a LIPSTAIN on one end, and a lip balm on the other.
SO, it feels just like you smeared on some blistex. awesome.
And it lasts. like stays put a long part of my day.
I think I need one in every color they offer.
Do you hear that REVLON??  I do reviews. ;)

oh, and if you follow me on twitter you can see the self timer fail.
The ear rings post? it's coming...I just have to read my manual or make someone who loves me take my picture.
Happy pouting.

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