Sunday, November 20, 2011

I am blank because...

I have seen these hopping around this week and thought I'd give it a go..
from my: this is so, me board
I am weird because:
I sometimes slightly snort when I laugh.
I like to be cold at night.
I can smell EVERYTHING. Promise, it will freak you out.
I hate when I blow a light bulb as I turn on the switch.
(which is weird because it happens ALL THE TIME)
I love the smell of laundry but I hate doing it.
Two of my kids are practically teenagers and I still am super picky about who I leave them with.
One of my eyebrows is turning white.
I love almonds and eat them almost every day.
I carry chap stick with me at all times.
I will listen to a song over again 20x sometimes.
I do a happy dance at a friendly email, good news, or a fun package.
I love to lay on my belly with my feet up in the air.
My sons friends say I cook like an old Asian lady.
from my: foodie board
I am a bad friend because:
I live in my own little bubble.
I never know any social events to chime in about.
I won't discuss politics and will only hear "peanuts" if you do.
You sometimes won't hear from me for months.
I still haven't sent that thank you to someone who really deserves it.
I won't feel sorry for you unless you have a good reason for me to.
I always say what I think.
I am a good friend because:
I always say what I think.
Once you have me, I am yours forever.
I would join a bar fight for you.
I am more loyal than a dog.
My friends are like magic and I want more than anything for them to be happy.
I would foster their kiddos in a heart beat and love them like my own.
A phone call at any time is ok.
I won't ask too many questions and will just do a cheer and give a hug.
I will tell you that you are awesome over and over again.
I am the dorkiest person you'll ever meet and that alone is entertainment for life.
I am sad because:
sleep is necessary.
People are mean.
Kids grow too fast.
I miss my nephew.
I never see my brothers.
One of my babies went to bed tonight mad at me.
from my: style board
I am happy because:
I love fall weather, fall boots, fall tights and fall dresses.
I have plans to wear a pretty dress for the next three Saturday nights straight.
I get to see my family on Thanksgiving and we get to have a fire.
My little posse is healthy and smart and overall happy.
from my: style board
I am excited for:
My new fabric to arrive.
To see where things go in the coming year.
The three dates for the next three Saturdays. 
(and eep! one of my dresses sorta looks just like the one up there!)
The thoughtful things the hubs has been doing for me lately.
The future.
from my: someday board

*this post today was brought to you by some of my favorite pins, because pretty pictures make me smile.


  1. This is such a great post idea. I may just join in :)

    Your sad because made me sad, too. I can relate.

  2. you are SOO CUTE. and i absolutely love your bags... I found you on casey's blog a little while ago.... so adorable!

  3. I can't find your follow widget!. I want to follow you!

  4. Hi!
    my widget is fixed ;) You can follow if you click the ribbon that says join this site (via google)
    OR click the drop down menu under subscribe and you can pick any way you'd like to subscribe!
    Thanks so much for hopping by and for your nice words!

  5. I ALWAYS have Chapstick in my right front much so, you can tell when I'm wearing new pants...'cause all my old ones have a worn spot from the tube :/


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