Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Guest Post: Meet Joanna from ModaMama

This month expect to say hi to some of the amazing woman over at RevolutionizeHer.
In celebration of aubreyplays one year I asked them questions about how they play.
First up Joanna:
Hi!  I'm Joanna, from ModaMama, a blog where I write about life, love, acting, tv hosting, and fashion.  Mostly fashion though; I love clothes!  I'm so happy to be here guest posting today.  It's lovely to meet all you wonderful folks! 

My life is filled with three lovely and messy little critters:  my baby girl, my Husband, and my little Drake.

When writing this post I was intrigued by the question of what I do when life becomes too serious. I had never really stopped to think about it.  There's a few things I do, I guess.  Chocolate!  Chocolate is such a must.  Every woman must always have chocolate in the house for rough days.   I run too.  I love to run and just go, go, GO!  Then there's jigsaw puzzles.  I'm seriously obsessed.  I think I have a freak kind of spatial awareness because I can do them really fast - freakish fast.  And I do jigsaws online because with a babe, dog, and husband who are all equally messy, there's just no place for me to do a big jigsaw!

But my heart and soul really play when I act.  I love acting and I do it as much as I can! I host Tv and though that's fun, it doesn't fulfill me the way that playing a character does.  If you want to see some stuff, check out my acting site to see what I'm up to.  That's where my heart rests.

But you don't get to do it everyday, since it's really a freelance, touch and go kind of work. So daily, I get my play and joy elsewhere...

In fashion!  Fashion is where I get to play everyday.  Creating outfits, dreaming up what to wear with what, or even just trying to figure out how I feel that day and dressing to reflect that. It's like a grown up version of playing dress-up.  The best thing is that you get to do it everyday!


Stop by and play dress-up with me sometime over at ModaMama, and see all the ridiculousness that is my daily self! 

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