Wednesday, September 28, 2011

You know you were a child of the 70's when you suffer the manamanahs

It's my first video vlog and I am sure I will regret it the minute I hit publish....
But you are getting a peek at my studio.
You are totally benefiting from my mood today.
SO here goes:

It's a strange phenomenon I suffer from.
Every so often they pop into my head.
I am old enough now to know that they happen only once in a while.
I am wise enough to know exactly what they are and where they stem from.
The manamanahs.
They come from a rut, or frustration. BLAH.
They come to make me laugh instead of cry.
They come to entertain when I am feeling a little bored with the day.
They come from Jim Hensons head.
They come to make me think, that I just might be crazy.

Don't worry they go away as quick as they come and only last a day or two.

and guess what.
I found that Sandra Bullock video I spoke of!
I had no idea she was a phyciatrist!
now it makes perfect sense.

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