Friday, September 16, 2011

what's cooking in the studio today was brought to you by:

2 of my favorites. Sesame Street and this guy. {LOVE}
a snap shot of my projects today:
& hey, do you see my new ironing board cover??
and they totally rocked it for me!
Happy ironing ;)


  1. I love him. I think I really do love him.

    Though, there was this really funny little Family Guy clip that made fun of him. Stewie walks up to some dude and says, " Hey, aren't you Jason Mraz? " and the guy goes, " No, I'm just a guy in a hat. " and Stewie says, " Yeah....Jason Mraz. "

    It was pretty cute.

  2. Aw..thanks "sew" much for mentioning our shop! It makes us happy to know you enjoy your new ironing board cover =)


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