Thursday, September 8, 2011

swap. What I got.

want to see it?
I know you do....
See that lovely turquoise and orange blanket. 
THAT'S it!!
My swap partner was a gal named Amanda-
This thing is a beast! It must have taken her forever and ever.
It has such a nice weight to it. 
And it is soo cozy.
And I can never steal it back from my kids because they keep stealing it.
And happy. It makes me plain happy.
And her sweet note made me even happier.
She was so thoughtful. Thinking of me on a chilly Saturday when I brave the Farmers Market.
Which I have not done yet because my shop has been busy!
Thank you Amanda!
It sort of matches the new fabric in the shop...don't you think?


  1. I am so glad you like it! I am going to borrow your picture if of it, if you dont mind, because I forgot to take pictures of it before I sent it. Glad your shop is doing well!


It's fun to get love notes: