Monday, September 12, 2011

hello sweetness.

good morning and happy Monday to you!
I wanted to show off a couple new items getting ready to hit the shop.
Remember the sweetest little sets?
A one of a kind baby quilt with the sweetest baby to match.

well, I didn't want the boys to feel left out.
aubrey plays started out with the thought of my three little I am so excited to add a little monster set to the shop for the boys!

they are just as sweet, but maybe we shouldn't tell them that, ;0
This set will be the same as the baby sets.
A one of a kind quilt with a shweeeet little monster to match.
This one is getting ready to hit the shop as soon as I sew the back on
it will be ready to go!
I love this boy fabric Sarah Jane, Children at play.
Like, for real, seriously charmed to the bone by it. Paper airplanes, Kites, rockets, bikes...
In this tech video game world this fabric is like a kiss.

look for this guy to hit the shop in the next day or two.
It is such a thoughtful set for the little ones in your life or coming into your life!
and speaking of little ones. Sweet Danielle over at take heart is bringing home a sweet little one.
She is doing this amazing groups of giveaways and hoping to raise 
money for their adoption fund.
You can get a pretty reversible purse I made if you go for this one.
BUT check out all of her posts this week because THERE ARE TONS!!!
one sweet love

ok, off to start the day!
good luck!

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