Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I hit the pillow last night thinking I could sleep for three days.
BUT, I woke up this morning to count um, three happy kids.
And a happy hubs too.
We're really not all morning people. So it's kinda a great thing.
It's raining today.
I'm glad. It will cool things off and also give us a reason to just stay inside all day.

Today is also my mom in-laws Birthday.
I love that lady and I hope she knows that.

Today I found out that a family friend got to bring home her premie twins finally.  I have to say that was like the greatest news ever. I have been heartsick about those babies and that mama. It's amazing really.

Today I am hitting the studio to make two owl bag orders.
And day dreaming about maybe, just maybe making that red polka dot dress and then hitting the town ;)

AND see that picture up there?
That head out the door this week and I'm thinking I liked it so much I just might have to make another one.
She was a Special order toiletry bag.
Gorgeous and HUGE. 20 wide x 15 tall with a 4 inch base to sit upon.  Pretty zippered pocket in front.  20" zipper top.
Made for a gal who loves purple, bees and travels a lot and wanted a big bag to put all her toiletries in.
I love it.

I woke up today thinking there's no way I'd want to sleep for three days.
Happy day to you. Hope everyone woke up in such a great place.

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  1. So cute! Thank you for the oh so sweet comment!
    xo, Elsie


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