Thursday, August 18, 2011

{3} three things Thursday: what are you grateful for?

I haven't done this for a bit.
This week was a DOOZIE.
Tweens, car issues, dryer issues, and almost a ticket!
So it's probably a good idea for me to take a minute and do this today.

this girl still loves me.  I hope she's never a tween.
what's that she's got you ask? A smaller sweet set coming to the shop soon!

Three {3} random things I am grateful for today:
1} My moose.  He never tells me no. He always listens and he always wants to be by my side.

2}The change of seasons.  Summer has been great. But it's lack of routines and lazy days the kids want...I'm over it.  Ready for fall and school and routine.  

3} I've sort of gotten my mojo back in the shop. 
I'm excited about some giveaways, some swaps and some new items getting ready to hit the shop. 
I told myself last November I would try this for a year....I was hoping it would work out and I could keep going.
I'm feeling thankful that the ball has finally picking up momentum.
I appreciate you guys supporting me!!
{my moose}

so tell me. What are you feeling grateful for?

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