Sunday, July 3, 2011

the Daydream Bag: Sarah's daydream

**this first photo shows the "Dream Dream set" which is the bag AND the Day Dream clutch. 
Excuse me, are you going to day dream today?
Cause if you are, I think you need this bag.
This ruffle bag is sort of awesome.
Two layers of ruffle. Two layers of color, and a pretty ribbon to tie her all together.
Her boxy bottom lets her sit up straight. And her size lets you carry a lot on your journey.
But wait, have you peeked inside yet? Go ahead.
She is lined with the same pretty fabric at the top and finished off with a sturdy drill canvas.
My favorite part? Her pockets are so smart. She usually comes with three for your pen your phone and a journal or book perfect for any day dreamer. But they can be custom ordered if you'd like her to hold knitting needles, colored pencils or paint brushes. Told you she was awesome. Now, go on! It's time for that daydream.
Sarah is this color combo.
She is all the Sarah's I know.
Sarah is sweet and gorgeous.
Strong but feminine.
Sassy and smart.
She is a creative gal who isn't afraid to daydream.
She's a friend that is in your corner and won't fail you.
I just love her.
The Day Dream bag measures approx 11.5" wide, 15" tall. Her base is base is 2.5."
The inside pocket is 11 wide and 6 tall. {so you could have up to 11 spots for your knitting needles or paintbrushes. Custom order another pocket added to the opposite side to double that.}


the Day Dream Clutch: Sara needs a pretty clutch for her day dream.

Designed to go with the Day Dream bag.
I wanted her to have ruffles but stay understated.
This Clutch is so sweet.
She is perfect for makeup, pencils, and other goodies.
measures 8" x 4.25" with a 7" opening.
Lined with a sturdy soft Drill canvas and a little pocket.

Are you going to use her alone? Ask me to add a wristlet for you for just $1.00.
She will easily hold a small wallet, phone, keys and chapstick.

get the Day dream bag and Day dream clutch  in the shop now. 

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  1. I was just stalking you on etsy..falling in love with this clutch.


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