Monday, May 16, 2011

Heading out the door and another reason I love rain!

It rained all weekend here.
I know it sounds bad, but sometimes I am so happy when it rains, cause that means I don't have to chase a toddler down the street and I can stay inside and work on projects.
Sure I get interruptions, but they are quick, and the kiddos find things to do inside without worrying about playing outside with their friends. Bad huh?

I got a book in the mail for a special order book cover. Isn't she the smartest??
I think that is an excellent idea for a special book.
You could be all spy like and no one would even know what you are reading. Cause it's top secret ;)
It turned out supah cute too.

Matching cozy to boot!
I hope she La LA LOVES them!
I had a chance to come up with a couple other cute projects too.
Did you see this adorable pillow??

You can order it with a CFL bulb instead if you want to!!

So today the sun is out and I am betting I will be making up for all that time inside.  
What will your Monday bring??

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