Thursday, May 5, 2011

{3} three Things Thursday: What are you grateful for?

With Mom's day right around the corner, here is a little sneak peek at what I made mine

{3} things I am grateful for this week

 1} the courage and determination to try something new and go for it.
I tried something new this week.  I had been wanting to for a while but I was kind of, well, I'm not sure if scared was the right word...but something.  I did gymnastics a little bit in high school.  The last time I did a back handspring was then.  I did NOT do a back hand spring this week. But I went to my first gymnastics class, in lets say, a while!
I am SORE, SORE. But in a weird way I'm glad I'm sore.  It means I went for it right? It was HARD, but it felt awesome!

2}  A Light bulb moment.
Ok so see that gift up there I made?? My mom is sort of hard to buy for so I feel like I have to be extra creative.  I try to think of something sentimental or from the heart.  THAT fabric was a dress she once wore when I was little.  That dress got cut to pieces, (I can not believe it has actually been this long) 10 YEARS ago when I had my baby girl and used it to make her birth announcements. That left over fabric has moved with me and stayed safe till I finally figured out what to do with it to give a piece back to her.

3} Have you ever been out and about, running errands or what ever and your little one is having a melt down, and you start to sweat.  You start to dig in your brain for the best approach.  Like do I bribe?  Do I threaten? Do I cry?  You sometimes have RUDE, RUDE people around you that act like "well, I've never!" {UM, Yeah right I say} But then again, once in a while you look up to a kind smile or understanding look?
I'm thankful for those.  Those people out there in the world that know life is life and you're doing the best you can.  It is a look like that, that can get you through the rest of your day, and sometimes it just sticks with you and it carries you through even longer.

So I want to know, What are you grateful for?
AND, what are you hoping to do on mother's day??


  1. I love this...

    My three things I am grateful for are

    1. Brian, My husband

    2. Eli, son #1

    3. Ben Henry. son #2

    Loving them lots today!

  2. I really try to be the encouraging person in the store, though I know I wince when a sudden high-pitched scream catches my eardrum off guard! LOL


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