Friday, April 15, 2011

In the studio: will you give me your thoughts on zombies and sassier things??

won't you?
I say if you show up at my house and it is completely trashed then I must of had a good day in the studio and the monsters had a good day trashing the house ;)

Were any of you around last week when on my FB page I said:
Zombies were people too.

A crack me up light bulb went off today. And I am totally doing a zombie thing this weekend... 
 And I am totally doing a zombie thing this weekend... and giggling the whole way, because I am a dork like that. 
So tell me who likes zombies??
Guess what happened, I lost 2 followers.  No I don't count every day.  But I do pay some attention.

REALLY? Hmm, was it just a coincidence?  Did the zombies offend?
SO, I'd like to do a couple sassier things, because those kind of things do make me giggle.
PLUS the hubs and son really want a couple of zombies in there.
DO I throw them in the mix and have my shop be a mix of eclectic, sassy and sweet?
DO I go over to Big cartel and open an aubrey plays on the SASSIER side line?
Here's a peek at my zombie.  She is really sort of sweet.  I don't do gory.

She inspired me to do a whole bunch of these "restroom ladies"

My ode to Super Woman is started here:

I think I may do a knitting restroom woman too.

Let me pick your brain.  Please.  I think I'm gunna have to just be ME and not try to please everybody.


  1. Go with your creative gut! Sassy is good. Who cares if a few followers drop you. You will get new ones who love zombies ; )

  2. One thing I learned doing this is YOU CAN"T PLEASE EVERYONE! 99 of people love my work and then there is always that 1% who always has something to complain about. But I do what is ME and you need to do what is YOU! If you don't love it, why make it! And if some don't like it, they don't have to buy it! But if you love what you make, others will too!

  3. I am loving the zombie girl! I say go for zombies!

  4. I loooove zombies! Besides, they're all the rage right now ;) No need to exclude something if you love it!

  5. i do not care for zombies, but really your stuff is the best - we cant all like everything! Be yourself! I still follow.


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