Tuesday, February 15, 2011

*NEW* ereader, ipad case: Live, Laugh, READ

So, a peek into my brain.  It was very, very late.  I was sitting in my studio and glanced across the table at a stack of books with one of my new lovely change purses on the very top. Sort-a like a cherry. (insertSMILE)

I thought to myself: "THAT, is just too cute."  Anyway: the books, the purse and an "OOOOOO, I wonder!" moment.
I wonder just HOW cute a bigger one would be.  Big enough to hold your books  eREADER!!!
And what if I padded it twice as much as my original eReader pouches....AND what if I put a little wrist strap on it?

Inspiration by change purse. So here she is.  The first of many. An adorable eReader case padded with felt to be a nice and cushie protector. Wrist strap. Zipper top.

And guess what? I don't even have an eReader, but I'm totally toting this around town anyway. Because it's cute, because I can and because it holds what I need ;)
Keep your eyes out for more of these in the shop!!

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