Thursday, January 27, 2011

Only fools rush in....

Wise Men say
only fools rush in
but I cant help 
falling in love with you....

Did I rush into something this week??? Well, yes sort-a.

Did I rush into thinking I could pull off anything and everything???
Well, yes, that IS sort of....ME.  
I think you'd have to thank my mama for that. Instilling the greatest of self confidence when it comes to believing I can achieve all that I can imagine. And, maybe Wonder Woman.  I've always looked up to her.
But sometimes, I can hear the fools rushing in over my a gust of wind.

I have gone missing this week when it comes to the world of blogging.
It's been SNOW days here, and I've sort of been taking them too.

I turned uhm....29 too yesterday....yep 29 again. I may not be the oldest, and I may not be the wisest....but at my house I AM THE WISE OLD LADY.     
SO Here is a peek on one of the things I'm working at on the sidelines in this crazy house of mine:

  I am TOTALLY LOVING the 60's filter over at picnik right now.  


Can you guess what it is????


  1. I have no clue what it is...but I love the colors and it reminds me of a peacock! :)

  2. It's a is a 60ish look inspired by an Amy Butler pattern.


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