Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Let's take a moment of silence

For me and my melon collie....

For a couple of months now, people have been saying it to me, "wow, Lily's going to be 4..."
Yep, but not yet I thought, and I moved on.
Well, I had to face the facts and commit to it.  
Me and the little bean made her invitations yesterday.
Wow.  I know, I know, just look at the little thing.


unusually advanced or mature in development, esp. mentaldevelopment: a precocious child.
prematurely developed, as the mind, faculties, etc.
of or pertaining to premature development.
Botany .
flowering, fruiting, or ripening early, as plants or fruit.
bearing blossoms before leaves, as plants.
appearing before leaves, as flowers.

She is so so big.  Too big for her britches.  But why did she have to grow up so soon?


Ok,enough crying...
because they did turn out cute. Do you want to make cute personalized almost free invites too?  Easy.  Open a blank word document and resize the page to 4x6. Type out your lovies. Pick a cute font.  Play with font size for one or two of the words.
Find a cute piece of patterned paper and cut out some of the critters.  Get a couple pieces of matching cardstock in a fun color (BECAUSE COLOR MATTERS) and cut down to 4x6 size. (I used 12x12 and cut 4 from each) Now let your little one pop dot the critters to the invites.  Viola!She is so excited to go to the post office today to mail them!!!

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  1. I love it... "BECAUSE COLOR MATTERS"

    ha, ha. So true.


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