Thursday, December 16, 2010

Under the snow and day dreaming...

overheard: "look at my driveway! It's all white!! the village is ALL WHITE!!!

As the snowflakes started to fall this morning the kiddos were all too pleased. They started daydreaming about SNOWDAYS....and 2 hour delays....
I couldn't help but tease them- "no, you guys are home schooled. You don't get to play in the snow...."
Between lessons about Santa in other Countries and a little bit of the Wright brothers,lunch and SEWING up 2 adorable orders, we had to take a break:

They may have been day dreaming about the snow: but I was day dreaming about my newest purse. Here's a hint to any of you TwiHARDS: It's going to be called theBELLA. Some days she might be for Edward, and somedays she'll be all about Jacob.... but either way she'll be rock'n. Stay tuned.

Hope you are enjoying December where ever you happen to be. Snow or not ;-) OKay, back to work.

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