Friday, December 3, 2010

3 things...

I haven't done this for a bit....
I make my kids do it when they are feeling sorry for themselves....

3 things to be happy about today that won't cost a thing:

*A BLOOM of some sort.
Did your Christmas cactus bloom too?
Or a child is blooming in a new endeavor
Or YOU are blooming in a new chapter of life....

They are just sort of happy when they fall in a way that you barely even know it is snowing.
You have to be present. They are dainty little gifts. A reminder that no two are the same.
Be you. There's no one else that can. It is what makes you special.

(I admit this can be a good OR BAD thing)
But I am completely charmed today by my 3 year old's little voice, and how she makes up her own words to songs.

Happy Friday!

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