Tuesday, November 30, 2010

theSUIT: revealed

Inspired by a suit from the prohibition era of the 1920's-
She's delicate and a bit vintage looking...but modern enough to march through any current day.
Just like the average business woman, she may look soft but she is one tough cookie. This lace fabric is backed by a hardy canvas. This purse, also like the average woman, can not make up her mind. Good thing she is completely reversible for which ever way her mood strikes.

theSUIT a color?
Almost all my products can be made in theSUIT fabrics.
I just sort of love her, so the fabrics may change slightly as time goes, but theSUIT is here to stay.

{Because of the delicate nature of her lacy fabric her cost will be slightly higher than the other fabrics....but she's worth it.}
Product: theREVERSIBLE purse

100% cotton backed with heavy cotton canvas
100% reversible
Pocket inside (or out)
button loop closure

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