Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Product: theMESSENGER
Line: theRANDOM -sayings
Color: pewter and manly crosshatch
This messenger bag has a long strap and can be thrown across your shoulder. Pocket inside to hold your cell phone, keys, or candy stash.
100% cotton canvas

This funky girl has been on the test market (via me) and it is super handy over the shoulder and to get in and out of. The long flap covering up all your goodies....safe while chasing the kids, dog, cat down the street. It holds a bunch too. Great for trips to the library or book store, holds a few books easily. Just like the other aubreyplays products she can say what ever you want. Inspiration to follow you around. What will yours say?


in the works*{ stay calm and carry on}

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