Tuesday, November 2, 2010

the launch of aubreyplaysPRODUCTS!!!!

things are looking a bit different here at aubreyplays!
Do you see the tabs up there? Click on them. Check them out. PLAY.
You've heard me ponder a time or two about opening up my own shop.
I wanted to really consider. Really brainstorm. I really want to stand behind my products.
I want to give you the utmost quality. I wanted to commit whole heartedly.
After all, it will have my name on it. I had to focus. Would it be crochet items? (maybe someday) Paintings? (those are coming too) Could I be creative?
Well today I have started the launch of the first products.
Hand sketched, hand embroidered, hand made goodies.
Up there is the messenger bag in Orange with theRETRO cassette tape.
100% cotton in a sturdy canvas material with a handy pocket inside.
There is lots to choose from. Go look!

NOW, I have the sketches, the products, the lines...and I need to make them all so people can see them. SO I can sell them...as Christmans presents.
I am calling out to all you BLOG hoppers. DO YOU WANT ONE?
Click here, and find out what I am talking about. I'll make yours first if you tell me which one you want.
It'll help me know what is of the most interest. What to make first. I'll be making them anyway, so why not for you?
Did I mention you'll be getting it for free?

I'm excited. Help me take the leap!
Adding more to those tabs all the time, check back, cause curiosity killed the cat....


  1. I absolutely love the Monster line! I can't wait to order one.

  2. Hurrah! AND Thank you!!
    I will be posting the products soon.
    I am getting my materials tomorrow to post the color options!!! So check back. SO fun!


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