Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The truth about popularity contests...

I am not very good at them.
I once ran for school secretary, and I was a new student, so I had nothing to loose. AND I almost won.
I can show you my year book to prove it.  Complete strangers signed it, saying how completely brave I was.  If you saw what I did to run, well you'd probably laugh.  But let's be honest. It was a popularity contest....and no one knew me.
The complete truth. I am hard to get I suppose.
I am not going to be your friend just because.
I am old enough to know now that if I am your friend I will whole heartedly and passionately commit to you.  And I can not do that with everyone.
That doesn't mean I am not friendly. I like people.  I just don't think I have to be friends with everybody.
I don't care what my facebook friend count is.

Back to popularity contests: if I'd like to win one, I think this is where I may have bit myself in the "arss" a little bit. I do not have a huge network of friends. A network of colleagues.  I've got my own little incredible circle. That doesn't mean I would not be the best person for the job.  It just means I am not popular enough.  I get it. Sometimes there is a means to an end, and this contest that I'd like to win so badly is part of a marketing campaign too.
I haven't given up. There is still time and amazing things can happen if you have a little faith.
And I have faith in my peeps.  I appreciate you for taking the time to vote for me, even though I am not at the top of this popularity contest.  I truly love you guys.  And who knows, maybe this un-networked mama will get lucky.  Crazier things have happened.
Thanks guys-really, really.

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