Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Moose

Wow buddy.
Can not believe you are turning 7 this month.
I still remember that fuzzy ball of fur that got handed over to me that cold December morning.
My heart melted. I loved you instantly.
You are beyond a shadow of doubt, the best dog ever.
You don't talk back, and you're a pretty good listener too.
You keep my feet warm on cold nights by the couch.
Your favorite food is waffles.
You have a thing for plumbers.
You have been a step stool and a horse.
You have been the best crazy sleigh drag-ger I have ever seen!
(as I prayed for the safety of my kids as they laughed so hard they couldn't breathe.)
You can catch a frisbee like nobody's business.
You are up and at the door before I ever know someone is here, and you don't ever even bark about it unless it is someone new. (surprise attack is your motto)
You want to make everyone in our house happy.
In the beginning there were lessons. And non-chewing spray. But you were an eager learner, aiming to please.
That little puppy that I set the alarm clock for to take outside is a pretty self sufficient dog now.
A good dog. Loyal. Happy.
You still have a little of that puppy in you, but you are aging too.
You have way more white hair than you once did.
(yeah, I know, I am one to talk huh?)
And you have settled down in your older age.
You have shown your protection while I was pregnant with Lily. Protecting me so much I couldn't get out of the shower with your big body pressed up against the glass
and then after she was born-
NO one should touch her you thought.
You are a gentle giant, and I love you so.
Everyone loves you.
I hope to kiss that big snout of yours for many years to come.
Happy birthday buddy.

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