Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mommas: Feed yourself too.

Learning is an ongoing curve.
Life is an ongoing process.
Note to self:
We spend all our time filling our daughters minds with these thoughts of encouragement.
To love themselves.
That they are perfect just the way they are.
Feed yourself too.
LEARN from your mistakes
Seek TRUTH and spread JOY.

Feed yourself too.
And believe it.


  1. I came here from Tricia's "Inspire my Saturday" party. I LIKE what I see, so I'll follow.

    Good words about reminding ourselves that we too are "fearfully and wonderfully made." We are ALL God's designer children, and God don't make no junk.

    Enjoy your Easter weekend.

  2. Hi Aubrey.
    Woo! It has been a long weekend. I'm so glad that I finally made it over here. Thank you so much for joining me for IMS. I need to play catch-up (on everything! ;). I hope to be back in the groove in the next couple of days.
    I love the sentiment in this post. You're absolutely right. We often tell our daughters things that we forget to remind ourselves.



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