Wednesday, January 6, 2010

where's your Focus?

This is a question that has almost shouted at me daily since the start of the new year.
Though I am not a resolution kind of gal.  I definitely believe in new beginnings.
Self reflection and improvement to ones life.  What did not work in 2009?  What was missing?
What NEEDS to happen this year?  What can I do more of that brought me fulfillment ?
What do I need to put out there?
I have been overstimulated with ideas and thoughts.
I am trying to focus.
I have not touched my scrap supplies for almost an month and can feel the itch.
Life has been busy so far.
I had two birthdays to throw since Christmas. 
I just started packing it all away till next year yesterday and now am in the last stages 
(as in sweeping up all those pine needles).
I have stuff to think about.  
I am excited by some brainstorming and also my new 365 project.
(more thoughts on that later this week)
But today I heard a little voice calling me from behind in the back seat of the car...
"quick mommy, take my picture...I like this hat"  

Okay baby, the focus is all on you.

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