Friday, January 15, 2010

Those uh oh moments, and 365.

You know those moments that you think uh oh, what's going on here?
And then the next thought is usually OH NO!
I have to say that the 365 is changing me.
I am calmer.  I am happy snappy silly pictures each day.
It is my PLAY.
AND those uh oh moments I am stopping to see the humor in.  I am using them as the unexpected pictures that I would have never taken otherwise.
I have had a bunch of those moments this week with Potty training in full force, and no I did not photograph those.  But this one, makes me laugh now.  Our kitten decided to get into my yarn.
I walked into the house and into a human spider web.  She had literally wrapped yarn around my entire main level of my house and I actually caught her working its way up the stairs.  I had that moment of confusion...what is this? and Oh no!  But I bet these pictures will always make me laugh.
Lily's little voice saying "oh mommy, that Izzy!"
Happy friday!

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